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90%+ of all cases started in Ontario Courts settle without going to trial.

Family Mediation is the Better Way!

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Conflict is all around us and is often difficult to work through. We help individuals, businesses and organizations save money, time and important relationships by using mediation, arbitration and med-arb services and avoid unnecessary court proceedings.  

We will work with you to resolve almost any type of dispute especially:

Condominium Disputes
Commercial Disputes
Construction Disputes
Real Estate Disputes
Insurance Disputes involving any of the above areas

We will also help you prevent and manage conflict by early intervention through:

Training in Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration
Conflict Prevention and Conflict Management Consulting
Conflict Management and Systems Design
Conflict Coaching

Mediation is used for many types of disputes and makes good business and practical sense.

  • Mediation is confidential
  • Mediation allows you to manage risk
  • Mediation allows you to manage outcomes
  • Mediation saves time and money
  • Mediation helps preserve valuable relationships
  • Mediations offers unique solutions not available through court
  • Mediation settlement rates are high
  • Mediation agreements can be enforced

Arbitration is a structured dispute resolution process, but it is less formal and more flexible than litigation.

  • You can choose the arbitrator who will hear your case. You cannot chose your judge in litigation.
  • The parties can control the process by structuring the terms of the arbitration which may include such matters as scheduling and the type and scope of possible awards.
  • Arbitrators' rulings are often delivered without written, explanatory opinions unless the parties specifically require this as part of the arbitration agreement.
  • The rules of evidence are far more relaxed than in court.
  • There is less, and often no pre-hearing discovery.
  • The parties decide what records will be kept of the proceedings; and
  • Parties can sit around a table with the arbitrator in a more relaxed environment than a court setting.