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Arbitration Costs


Arbitration costs are made up of the arbitrator’s fees, the costs of facilities to hold the arbitration plus your lawyer’s fees and other expenses.

The costs of the location to hold the mediation are usually in addition to fees and I ask the parties to arrange for and pay for the place to hold the arbitration.

Arbitration fees are made up of an hourly rate for preparation, administration, the arbitration hearing itself, which can range from a half-day to several days in length and writing the decision (Award).

My fees are based on my experience and expertise in arbitration and are highly competitive with other arbitrators in the GTA.

Fees are based on an arbitration involving two parties. For arbitration involving more parties I charge extra for each additional party.

There may be a charge for travel time, and/or out of town travel expenses such as transportation, meals and accommodation. 

I do not charge for travel time within 100 km of my office and will negotiate travel costs with you on a file-by-file basis if beyond that distance.

I do charge cancellation fees and would be happy to discuss them with you.

Fees are billed to clients and their lawyers equally unless otherwise agreed.

I require a deposit (retainer) at the time of booking and a further deposit (retainer) equal to the full time booked for the hearing, including estimated preparation, at least 10 business days before the arbitration hearing.

Please contact me for specific details about my fees for your arbitration.