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Your mediation costs are made up of my fees, the costs of the place to hold the mediation plus your lawyer’s fees and other expenses.

I ask the parties to arrange for and pay for the place to hold the mediation but I do not charge to use the facilities at my office in Brampton.

Mediator's fees are made up of an hourly and/or daily rate for preparation, administration and the mediation session itself.  

Hourly rates for mediators in Ontario range from $50.00 to $700.00 per hour and daily rates can range from $500.00 to $7,500.00 per day.

My fees are based on my many years of experience and expertise in mediation and are highly competitive with other mediators in the GTA.

Fees are based on a mediation involving two parties. For mediations involving more parties I usually charge extra for each additional party although this is negotiable depending on the circumstances.

I do not charge for travel time within 100 km of my office and will negotiate travel costs with you on a file-by-file basis if beyond that distance.

Mediators usually charge cancellation fees. I do not charge a cancellation fee for 1/2 or full day mediations if I am given at least 72 hours notice of the cancellation. 

I require a deposit (retainer) equal to the full time booked, at least 10 business days before the mediation date.

Please contact me for specific details about my fees for your mediation.