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Mediation, med-arb and arbitration are used in many types of different disputes and all involve the use of a third party neutral.




Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process designed to help you work out solutions in a collabrative way and minimize the possibility of going to court. 

Med-Arb combines the best aspects of mediation and arbitration in an innovative stand-alone process providing a definitive outcome for the parties and is worth considering in almost any type of dispute.

Arbitration is a binding private customized dispute resolution process that results in an enforceable decision (Award) by your choice of decision maker (the Arbitrator) in a more informal and flexible way than going to court.

Online Dispute Resolution involves using technology with the above processes.

We help individuals, businesses and organizations save money, time and important relationships by using mediation, med-arb, arbitration and online dispute resolution to resolve all types of disputes such as:


Disputes between condo owners, boards, other condos, suppliers, management companies and developers.


Disputes between parties in all types of construction disputes such as home renovation, custom home construction, subdivision home disputes, infrastructure and public projects.

Real Estate

Disputes that arise in real estate law such as land use planning, development, construction, purchase and sale and commercial landlord/tenant issues.

General Business

Disputes in small business, corporate, commercial and partnerships. 


Disputes involving commercial professional liability insurance and other coverage and subrogation issues.


Disputes involving individual employment and wrongful dismissal claims.

We will also help you with:

Training in Mediation, Med-Arb and Arbitration,

Conflict Prevention, Conflict Management Consulting and Systems Design.

What’s New

  • With the ongoing health crisis, Colm will be involved in the following webinars about how we can use ODR to help our clients:
  • ADRIC Free Webinar – March 23, 2020 – 2:00 pm ET (click here for details)
    Options for Online Dispute Resolution: An Introduction to Using Zoom
    Presenter: Colm Brannigan
  • FDRIO Free Open Town Hall Meeting – March 25, 2020 – 12:00 noon ET (email to register)
    Best Practices for Online Family Dispute Resolution
    Panel of Speakers includes Colm Brannigan
  • ADRIO & Free Webinar – March 30, 2020 – 12:00 noon ET (registration opening on the ADRIO website later today, or email to register)
    Understanding the Basics of Online Mediation (with Demo)
    Presenters: Colm Brannigan, Gary Furlong, Jane Kidner, Marcel Mongeon, Joy Noonan


  • Colm will be speaking on Med-Arb at the JADE Mediation Practice Group meeting on June 29, 2020 in Toronto.

  • Colm will be presenting on Med-Arb in a Webinar for the UK based Association of Northern Mediators on June 1, 2020.
  • Colm was part of a panel discussion on “Med/Arb – A Practical Perspective – Insights and feedback from those who’ve tried it” at the inaugural meeting of the ADR Institute of Ontario’s new Med-Arb Special Interest Section in Toronto on January 30, 2020. 


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