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Our mediators provide in-person or virtual Mediation services in the GTA and across Ontario.

Mediation is a private dispute resolution process in which a third-party mediator, helps you work out acceptable solutions to disputes without going to court. Mediation can often be “a difficult conversation” but it has a high success rate.

Mediators are impartial and do not have an interest in the outcome of a mediation. They should have training, experience, and skills to facilitate your negotiations without being on anyone’s side.

Although the mediation process is voluntary, agreements reached through mediation are generally lived up to by the parties. Mediations held under Ontario’s Commercial Mediation Act, 2010 include a process for court enforcement of mediated settlement agreements.

Mediation is voluntary.
Either party is free to withdraw from mediation at any time during the process.

The mediator does not impose a solution.
The mediator is not a judge, and you can come to your own agreement with help from the mediator.

Mediation is confidential.
Communications in mediation communications are generally not admissible as evidence in court.

Mediation is flexible.
Participants in mediation must be prepared to be flexible in seeking solutions that meet as many of their mutual interests as possible.

Not one mediator fits all disputes.
Not every mediator will mediate all types of disputes. Many restrict their practices to specific areas or models of mediation. You can select your mediator and it is important to match the mediator to your specific dispute.

Benefits of Mediation

Saves Time and Money

Designed for the specific dispute

You maintain control of the process and the solution

Promotes Joint Problem Solving

Preserve Relationships

Can bring an end to your dispute

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