Arbitration Training

Provided with Richard Moore in Ottawa and Toronto. The goal of this 5-day workshop is to give you a solid theoretical understanding of arbitration and med-arbitration, and ample time to interactively develop the practical skills to confidently design and conduct, efficient, effective and fair arbitration and med-arbitration hearings.

Topics covered include:

  • conflict management theory and principles;
  • principles of natural justice; law and evidence;
  • how arbitration and med-arbitration fit into the conflict management spectrum and when their use is appropriate;
  • stages and transitions in process, how to avoid common pitfalls, the applicable rules of procedure;
  • codes of conduct;
  • ethical decision-making;
  • and how to write good reasoned decisions in plain English.

This 40-hour core program is offered in two segments, a three-day arbitration focused overview combined with a two-day med-arbitration focus which builds on and integrates with the first section to provide a unique dynamic overview of arbitration.

Next Courses:

TBA in Ottawa and Toronto in 2020.

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